Common Expungement Questions

Yes, you can. We can assist you in reducing your conviction from felony to a misdemeanor. Or ask for a complete forgiveness of your previous conviction.

Your conviction is reversed or dismissed. This does not remove the information from public records. You still have to ask the judge to seal your record.

Sealing your records will remove all information from public files. No one but the DOJ will be able to see your information.

A pardon will have to be requested. This will help you restore your rights and seal your records from public files.

All cases can be requested to be expunged at the same time. Recommended if you are seeking to seal your entire record.

We can get information on your cases when you provide the court and date of conviction. But for a more accurate record a live scan is recommended.

We contact the records department of the court house that convicted you and request your records. Then we file the appropriate documents.

If it has been more than 2 years since your conviction, you have no new cases and you paid all your fines. You are eligible for a expungement.

You can still request a expungement. You are not required to attend the court date given by the court. The case will still be processed.